You had me at “shorts”

Hello, I’m Dan and I’m one of the new guys here at Stretch Internet. To really get an understanding of who I am and where I came from we must go all the way back to that fateful day in March, 1991… ok, maybe we won’t start nearly that far back.

I’ve been a support specialist at Stretch for nearly three months now and I can honestly say that I love my job. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like everything in your past has prepared you for a moment and you are exactly where you’re meant to be? I haven’t so if you have, I’d love to know what that’s like. Seriously though, I get to work at a place where my coworkers chant my name when I walk in the building. (It’s not a conceded thing, I do it for them too so just back off with your judgment. In fact, you should try it at your place of business and get back to me. I guarantee you’ll see a morale boost in the office.)

While I’m ecstatic to work at Stretch, I can honestly say they were never on my radar when it came to career choices. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with three sisters and no brothers. Since I had no one to actually play sports with, I spent most of my time watching them on TV. Thanks to my sisters, I took way less reps in every sport so it was painfully obvious from an early age that I would not make it as a professional athlete. For the record, yes, I am implying that if I had a brother I could have gone pro in any sport. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

With professional athlete off the table, I quickly turned my attention to something much more feasible – an MLB play-by-play announcer. My Dad, Tim, has been a morning DJ since before I was born so it only made sense to me that I would use the broadcasting talent that ran through my veins and combine it with my love for sports to become a play-by-play guy for an MLB team. Turns out, I would get my shot in the big leagues much sooner that I thought when I was offered the job to be the Diamondbacks Batboy after my sophomore year of high school.

I know what you’re thinking, and I agree. My career pretty much peaked when I was 16. I was as close to a professional baseball player as you could be with absolutely none of the talent. I got to shag batting practice, hang out in the clubhouse, dress out in an MLB uniform and sit in the dugout for every home game. I wouldn’t trade my six years as a batboy for anything and I’m grateful for this opportunity for many reasons. Growing up, all I wanted was to be part of a big league team as a broadcaster. After working inside the clubhouse, I was able to get a picture of what that life would entail and realized that it was not for me.

The Diamondbacks job took me all the way through college. In May of 2013 I finished my journalism and mass communication degree at the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State, and spent my seventh and final year with the Diamondbacks an intern in the PR department. I entered the real world without a job or an idea of what exactly I wanted to do.

My timing matched up perfectly for my dad because shortly after I left the D-backs he needed a Video Producer to start up a Radio/TV Show concept… I was the man for the job. I was thrust into a new world, sitting in front of a Tricaster for the first time without any earthly idea how to use it. It wasn’t always smooth, but we got things up and running and I finally started to feel comfortable in my new role. Unfortunately, after eight months or so our show came to a sudden end due to creative differences with the company we partnered with.

I was lost again. I had no food, I had no job, my pet’s heads were falling off! Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad but I couldn’t help but feel discouraged. I spent weeks reaching out to different contacts and hitting dead end after dead end. I was a sailor lost at sea, but through the fog I finally saw a beacon of light that was an internet streaming company based in Gilbert, AZ.

I got half way through the job description before contacting support manager Jordan Duvall to let him know I was interested. Honestly, the biggest selling point was the fact that we can wear shorts to work. If you’re not familiar with Arizona, pants and summer do not go together. After brief conversations with Jordan and the CEO Ryan Ermeling, it was clear that Stretch Internet was where I was supposed to be.

It’s been three months since I began at Stretch and I could not feel more at home. I work with some of the best people you’ll ever meet and get to see the impact that great customer service can have on a day-to-day basis. I never thought I’d end up at Stretch but as of right now, there’s nowhere I’d rather work.