Analyzing Alternatives To Ustream, Twitch, & Dacast

Looking for Ustream alternatives? Or maybe you’re investigating (or have already tried) Twitch or Dacast and are looking for an alternative to those.

These live streaming platforms are among the most well-known, but they aren’t necessarily the best fit for every organization. It all depends on your needs and what you’re looking to do with your live stream. Different streaming providers bring different things to the table; if your live stream is stagnating on Twitch, for example, it may be time to look for Twitch alternatives. And you don’t always have to choose just one outlet—as we’ve pointed out before, it’s a smart idea to combine live streaming solutions for maximum reach and impact.

Sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side.

Ustream, Twitch, & Dacast: Why look elsewhere?

A lack of branding could be keeping your live stream from flourishing. If viewers can’t immediately identify the content as coming from your organization, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build relationships with potential customers. Your branding conveys a certain look and feel about the company that you hope customers feel good about and remember. Why pass up the chance to communicate that message to hundreds of live stream viewers if you’re putting time and money into producing the stream in the first place?

Ustream and Twitch prioritize their own branding over yours—it’s their live streaming platform so everything looks very much the same. Viewers will more likely than not walk away remembering they watched something on Ustream… but will they remember that the content came from you?

At Stretch, you take control of your live stream portal. Not only is your organization prominently featured as soon as viewers log on, but you have control of the surrounding logos, graphics, or commercials (if you choose to have any at all). All of our clients’ portals are custom-tailored to their organization, and have a clean, professional look and feel.

Your live stream is an important tool for building your brand—is your provider doing everything it can to support you? Get this free guide to find out what you should expect from any live streaming provider.  

Live streaming limitations might also be holding you back. Dacast uses tiered pricing plans based on usage, which essentially places bandwidth usage restrictions on your live stream. So if you’ve paid for 100 gigs and you’re streaming at 2.0 megabits per second, every viewer who watches that content is using that data. (Overage charges may apply, so fingers crossed for not too many viewers!)

Here’s a Dacast alternative: At Stretch we don’t track viewer hours or usage. You can go one of two ways: If you only have a few events to live stream, we’ll negotiate a per-event fee. Or, if you’re going to reach a certain number of events, it makes more sense to go into our unlimited plan—for a predetermined amount per year you can stream as many events as you want.

Monetization options that are limited or nonexistent prevent you from making a profit on your live stream, which in turn stunts the growth of your live streaming program. With Ustream and Twitch you don’t have the capability to monetize your stream, which means you’re losing out on valuable revenue that could be used to cover equipment costs and expand and improve your program. And while Dacast does have monetization options, be prepared to handle viewer support (technical issues, refunds, etc.) yourself. Finally, be wary of how a provider handles transaction fees for credit card processing; many take the fee out of your revenue split, cutting into your profits.

At Stretch you have two ways to monetize—pay-per-view and sponsorships/ads. Our fees include fan support (if your viewers need a refund or anything else, we’ll take care of it). For pay-per-view, we’ll take the credit card processing fees out of our own revenue split, not yours. And, you can use your customized portal to earn additional revenue with ads that also help promote other community organizations.

You’re on your own when it comes to live streaming. That means a couple of things: Not only is there a minimum amount of support (in some cases, no support) for technical problems; you also won’t get expertise, advice, or insight on how to grow or improve your live streaming operation.

At Stretch, all of our clients are considered partners. We want your live stream to be the best that it can be, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. That’s why we build customized production workflows for every client based on existing processes, hardware, goals, and budget. We’ll suggest a solution that maximizes your resources and the quality of your stream, and help you reach your overall goals for live streaming, too.

Ready to try a Ustream alternative?

If you’re interested in seeing what Stretch has to offer, either sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with us to review your current live streaming setup and possible ways to improve it; or, take a look at our platform and how it works with a free demo.