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We’re not just your streaming provider… we’re your streaming partner

When you’re dealing with technology, stuff happens. Wireless routers die. Computers freeze. Cameras unexpectedly go into “sleep” mode. We stream more than 35,000 live events a year, so we’ve seen just about everything. We understand the stress of game-day, and that’s why the core of our service is built around fanatical support.

Since day one, we’ve focused only on streaming, so our expertise is laser-focused. Everything we do – from conversations with prospective clients, to crafting production workflows, to troubleshooting emergency network issues – is grounded in passionate, competent support. You don’t have to e-mail our support desk when you have an issue – simply pick up the phone any time and give us a shout. We’ve got your back.



When asked to rate our customer service on a scale of 1-5, 98% of our clients gave us a 4 or 5

We’re obsessed with providing freakishly good service

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients and colleagues have to say.

Twitter Avatar @EricSieger tweets: If you're streaming and not using @stretchinternet you should be. Great customer support, easy to use. So glad to partner with them!

“When you’re pretty much a one-man gang, handling all the logistics and working with a student production team that changes every year, you look for a company grounded in excellent customer service, ease of use and innovation. Stretch Internet delivers on all three fronts!.”

“Being in Alaska, working with a group like Stretch makes my life a little easier when we run into issues on game night. I’m amazed at not just the quality of the customer service but how late I can pick up the phone and know there will be somebody at the other end. ”
Chris Brooks – University of Alaska Fairbanks

Twitter Avatar @RyanBrown_PxP tweets: If you take webcasting seriously & you're not using @stretchinternet then you're making huge mistake. I have plenty of proof if needed.
Twitter Avatar @Zach_Dayton tweets: Great reviews from fans about our new @stretchinternet web streaming platform, great group of people to work with, more good stuff ahead!

“With a time-sensitive medium such as video streaming, outstanding customer service is a MUST. Stretch has come through again and again on the spot in the few times we’ve had issues. And, if technology is involved, something will go wrong at some point. We make a phone call and their staff talks us through it immediately – no multiple phone calls have been necessary.”
Mark Womack –Cedarville University