Our 10 Most Popular Live Streaming Blog Posts

Our 10 Most Popular Live Streaming Blog Posts

When we say we have freakishly good support (what, you haven’t watched the video about our super support powers yet?), we’re mostly talking about the always-available, hands-on help we provide for our live streaming partners. But we’re pretty proud of our live streaming blog, too, because it’s another way for us to support live streamers everywhere who are as psyched as we are about always learning and improving.

After some data-churning, it became clear that the live streaming blog posts below are our top 10 most popular, so we rounded them up for easy access. Here’s hoping that you count our blog among your favorite live streaming resources going forward—if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, just give us a shout.

1. High Definition, Three Camera Inputs, One Laptop, $3,500

An oldie but a goody, this classic live streaming blog post was written by the director of multimedia and production at Harvard University Athletics. Everyone wants to know how he pulled off a small production setup on a tight budget; he provides the details here.

2. Evaluate Your Live Streaming Platform On These 4 Features

Shopping around for a live streaming platform? Don’t make a move until you’ve read this article, which describes the four areas that define the quality of any platform provider and why they’re critical to your future live streaming success. We promise you’ll sound smarter when you’re ready to comparison shop.

3. 3 Important Church Attendance Statistics & What They Mean For The Modern Church

If these three statistics are any indication, modern churches need to change to keep pace with new attitudes and new ideas. What can your church do to stay connected? We have some ideas; read about them here.

4. How To Live Stream Using Your iPhone Or iPad Camera

It really is as easy as 1-2-3. Take a moment to read these instructions and tips, and you’ll be all set to live stream at a moment’s notice.

You have the equipment, but are you really prepared to go live? To pull off a live stream flawlessly, download this extensive checklist outlining what you need to do before, during, and after your event.

5. How To Set Up A Multi-Camera Live Streaming System

Fans of article #1 will also want to check out this one, which has additional, updated recommendations for small-scale, multi-camera live streaming on a limited budget. Here we offer three options: one based around a MacBook Pro, another using a hardware mixer called ATEM Television Studio, and a third for PC desktops.

6. 40 Live Streaming Tips To Make Your Broadcast Better

“Expect the unexpected” is a good way to describe live streaming, but I think it’s safe to say that we’ll take all the concrete tips we can get to help make the process go more smoothly. In this article, experienced live streamers dish out the best of their advice on everything from equipment and setup to preparation and process.

7. How To Live Stream Using A Camera You Already Own

Have camera, will live stream…. as long as you have the right setup. Even if you’ve never live streamed before, you can still make use of that camera you found hiding under the seat of your car. This article outlines how to transform it from a recording device (or a dust collector) into a live streaming machine in three easy steps.

8. 6 Fundraising Ideas For Small Churches

Live streaming church services is one way for small churches to expand their reach, but we know that fundraisers help keep the doors open. This list of six creative fundraising ideas (we’d love to have a “help squad” in our neighborhood!) hopefully includes at least one or two that your church might consider worthy of giving a go.

9. Essential Equipment: The Checklist For Church Live Streaming

This one’s for all you church leaders out there who’ve ever said (or thought) “I don’t have the staff to live stream,” or “I don’t know enough about tech to live stream,” or even “Live streaming is too expensive.” You can do it with the help of our live streaming resources. Start by reviewing this equipment checklist specifically for churches, then check out our step-by-step instruction guide on how your church can get started.

10. Live Streaming Setup For The Computer Illiterate

For everyone out there who knows nothing about technology and assumes that live streaming is beyond your reach, here’s a nontechnical guide to live stream setup (including pictures!). This basic equipment list is perfect for first-timers and includes a link to our extensive live streaming checklist with detailed instructions on how to prepare for an event.

These are our top 10 posts, but there’s plenty more where these came from! Check out our live streaming blog for something new every week, and visit our website to find out more about the Stretch live streaming platform.