How To Augment Your University’s Primary Live Streaming Platform With Facebook Live

In a recent post, we talked about the idea that social media networks and platform providers bring different things to the table when it comes to live streaming. Social media streaming is ideal for spontaneous broadcasts and short clips. On the flip side, platform providers are a smarter solution for preplanned events, where you’d like to maintain control over messaging, have access to technical support, and provide a more immersive experience for your viewers.

If you’re serious about your live stream, it’s a great strategy to use both social media networks and a platform provider in tandem.

Here at Stretch Internet, we stream all kinds of college sports, and much of what happens in a collegiate sports environment fits all the check boxes associated with using a live streaming platform provider: College games are revenue-generators, so it’s important for universities to control the live streaming environment and be sure the stream always goes off without a hitch. Also, games are scheduled well in advance, making it easy to plan ahead for the best possible broadcast.

Wondering what a good platform provider can do for your school? Take a look at this free guide, How To Choose A Live Streaming Platform, for everything you need to know before you start shopping around.

But there’s still room for Facebook Live for universities. Below are just a few of the ways you could use it to promote your college sports programs in addition to the games your platform provider streams live. Try one, try ‘em all. We bet the excitement they generate won’t be just among fans but everyone involved in the athletic programs as well.

Creative Ways To Use Facebook Live For Universities—Sports Edition

1. Broadcast postgame reactions.

After a game, everyone loves to hash out the best plays and memorable moments. Why not scoot down to the court and get quick, three-minute interviews with the coach and student athletes? While it would be difficult to plan this kind of broadcast ahead of time, it’s easy to pull out your phone and share this kind of spontaneous content immediately with your follower base.

2. Capitalize on signing day.

Every year on signing day, high school seniors commit to playing college sports with schools all over the country. As commitments roll in throughout the day, go live on Facebook each time to announce the latest. Share each player’s basic details with your school community, including their names, where they’re from, and any information about their achievements in the sport.

3. Share game day updates from coaches or players.

Here’s the flip side of postgame reactions: If, for example, tonight’s 7 p.m. basketball game is against a major conference rival, do a five-minute interview with the coach (or an athlete scheduled to play) at 1 p.m. the same day and broadcast it on Facebook Live. Giving people a short preview of what to expect is a great way for communications professionals or sports information directors to generate excitement and build an audience for the evening’s main event.

4. Do a weekly Q&A with your athletic director.

Fifteen minutes, once a week—that’s all you need to make this strategy worthwhile. And because you’re using Facebook Live, fans can easily post questions or comments within Facebook so the athletic director can respond in real time. Keep it short and focused, and this is likely to become a weekly installment that fans will look forward to.

5. Tease formal announcements.

Short teasers are a great way for universities to use Facebook Live. Say, for instance, a new logo reveal is planned for the athletic department, or maybe you’ve hired a new head coach for a particular sports program. In either case, you’ll likely give a scheduled press conference where the relevant parties will appear in person (and that’s a good fit for your live streaming platform provider!). But in the meantime, give everyone a quick heads-up on Facebook Live. Build excitement in advance of the news conference by letting people know there’s something big coming down the line.

A Good Platform Provider Brings It All Together

When it comes time to plan for those full-length, scheduled events, we still recommend having a good live streaming platform provider by your side. A professional-looking broadcast, a top-notch viewing experience, and continued technical assistance for both you and your viewers—these are the things that reinforce your school’s athletic commitment and excellent reputation.

At Stretch, we stream more than 60,000 live events a year, many of which are collegiate sporting events. If you have questions about how live streaming might work at your school or want some honest expert advice about how to get started, drop us a line. We’re happy to help!