Benefits Of Pay Per View Live Streaming (Beyond ROI)


For those of you still standing on the sidelines when it comes to pay-per-view streaming (PPV), what’s holding you back?

You may think PPV is out of reach for your live streaming program. Maybe you’ve tried out our ROI calculator and decided you won’t turn a big profit, so why bother?

We understand your hesitation—but there are plenty of good reasons to start PPV live streaming, none of which involve lining your organization’s theoretical pockets with cash. Lots of our clients currently doing PPV are benefitting from even small amounts of revenue, and from non-monetary perks as well. Below are some of the real motivations behind their various pay-per-view live streaming strategies; maybe one of them applies to you.

Money from the pay-per-view live stream can be used to improve and/or expand the program.

Not surprisingly, in most organizations, live streaming doesn’t often show up as a line item in the budget. Sometimes it’s a boot-strapped effort, pulled together from a few extra bucks saved here and there.

You may not think you’ll draw a lot of viewers—and therefore revenue—but even if you can generate a nominal amount from your live stream, you’ll have that much more to put back into the program. Small investments in new equipment add up over time, resulting in a better product and the ability to stream more content.

Take the Northwoods League, for example, which has been doing pay-per-view live streaming for seven years. The cost of their live streaming operation is significant (with 20 teams and four cameras per team), and PPV live streaming gives them a chance to recoup some of those costs.

Pay-per-view isn’t the only way to monetize your content—
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We’ve written on this blog before about the importance of incremental improvement, and that’s where PPV comes in. Whether it involves more or better equipment, more personnel, better marketing, or expanding your programming, a little extra cash flow (over time) goes a long way.

Pay-per-view streaming provides deeper insight into your target audience.

This Entrepreneur article points out that, “with live streaming, you no longer have to sit around and wonder what your audience is thinking.” Free content is useful, but people who are watching it just because it’s there and it’s free may not be as likely to engage with you or become a customer. Even if you offer free access to your content, live streaming gives you more chances to interact with your audience, using things like live Q & A sessions and social media interaction to ask about their problems and ideal solutions.

A pay-per-view live stream, however, presents a better opportunity to define (and refine) your target audience. Those willing to pay for content are the ones who see the most value in it, and are also more likely to invest in your product. Subscriptions, in particular, provide valuable data about your viewers, such as demographics, geographical locations, and devices used to watch the live stream. All of that information can help focus your future activities, not only for the broadcast (like providing a better mobile experience, if most of your viewers are watching there) but also for the organization as a whole (doing more targeted marketing).

Using a pay-per-view live stream strategy helps get your foot in the door with content owners.

If you’d like to live stream but you’re not a content producer or someone who owns content rights, you can still get in the game with PPV.

If you are a production company, you could use this strategy quite successfully. Your team wouldn’t be able to stream a high-school sporting event on their own because you don’t own rights to the content—but you could strike a deal with the school to broadcast the games and put them behind a paywall for viewing, splitting the proceeds between your company and the s school. The same tactic could be used with a community center, local government, or any organization that owns content.

Without PPV, you would have to pay out of pocket to acquire the rights to streaming content. With PPV, you’re not paying anything to any organization for streaming rights—just splitting the proceeds. Plus, it’s a great way to demonstrate your value to outside organizations even if you don’t have access to original content.

Want to find out more about how pay-per-view streaming works?

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