Office sports update

Here at Stretch Internet we take a few things seriously: our streaming, our customers and of course, our office championship sports.  As of right now, there are two main Stretch office competitions – office mini-golf and ‘Horse’ played on our Nerf hoop.  We subscribe to the work hard, play hard mantra and sometimes the best way to relieve a little stress is by engaging in some friendly competition (mostly friendly anyways).  First, the tools –

Our ‘Horse’ rules are pretty standard but there has been some high-level creativity put into the shot selection process.  MJ’s famous dunk from the free throw line has been re-created, though we use the term ‘re-created’ loosely.  Picture the following dunk minus the athleticism, flare, height, speed, agility and overall awesomeness:

Other favorite shots include the Larry Bird no angle shot, the Salukis-hook shot (bounce the ball off the SIU banner followed by a hook shot), the eyes-closed free throw (another homage to MJ), and a throwback shot that involves maintaining your dribble across the entire office (no easy task with a Nerf ball on carpet) and finishing it off with a 15 foot jump shot.  Let’s just say nobody in this office will be confused with Steve Nash anytime soon.

On the golf front, we have carved out a scenic little 3-hole course with breathtaking views and a truly challenging experience for beginners and novices… OK in reality it’s just a door frame, a rack unit and a desk leg that we’ve made into a 3-hole course around the office.  While certain rules add some flavor to the games, like extra points for a hole-in-one, skunking the opponent or hitting two holes in one shot, the general rules hold true to the game’s roots.

We maintain a running score of all our games on a giant dry-erase board to keep track of overall standings.  Developing the scoring system took some time (probably past the threshold of ‘at what point does this become embarrassing to admit’) but we now have a complicated system of algorithms and long division that would make the BCS look remedial.

We are getting close to crowning the 2010-11 Stretch Internet office-golf champion, and with some new staffers joining us the 2011-12 season is sure to bring some stiff competition.

We do try to mix in some fun with our work here at Stretch, as we’re sure a lot of you do too.  Any stories of workplace competitions or a favorite game that you and your coworkers enjoy?  Leave a comment!