Rev Up Your Motorsports Marketing With Live Streaming

Motorsports Marketing With Live Streaming

Famously referred to as one of only three true sports (bullfighting and mountain climbing also made the cut!), auto racing has never been accused of being dull. But the off-the-charts excitement and nail-biting thrills of the individual races themselves aren’t always enough to build a solid, loyal fan base for your brand. That’s where marketing—and live streaming—come in.

Live streaming also has its share of excitement, making it an excellent marketing tool for motorsports brands. If you’re not already using a solid live streaming platform to promote your events and your brand, it’s time to get started—and get creative.

4 Creative Ways To Use Live Streaming For Motorsports Marketing  

1. Live stream your races.

If you’re thinking this is the obvious way to use live streaming, you’re right—but it’s a crowd-pleaser for a reason. Fans love to watch adrenaline-inducing events in real time. But only a limited number of fans can attend races in person—some live too far from the raceway or can’t make it for another reason. On top of that, there’s only so much seating available at the track (hopefully all of which gets filled).

By live streaming your races, you make the events available to anyone, anywhere, who wants to watch. You’ll open up the experience to a much broader audience, and give your brand valuable additional exposure at the same time.

2. Live stream interviews with drivers and crew members.   

Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy—and you can put it to work at your motorsports venue by letting drivers and crew members tell their own stories. This helps to humanize your brand, and fans will become more attached to your motorsports park and its events once they start to know the people involved.

To get the ball rolling, plan to live stream some interviews with preselected drivers and crew members. Give them some talking points to consider ahead of time, like how they prepare for a race, how they got into racing, or other personal tidbits of interest. You could also do a series of interviews on memorable racing moments, and create a hashtag fans can use to post their own memorable moments at the track. Post the live streams on your website and on social media and you’ll likely start seeing fans interact.

The live streaming platform you use is critical to the viewing experience, but are you using the right one? Download this free guide to find out.

3. Live stream a “talk show” regularly.

Producing a talk show (or something similar) is another way to give your brand personality and endear you to fans. How do you want your organization to be perceived? Plan content that helps convey that message.

Broadcast a weekly live stream either from somewhere on the track or from a unique location that helps set the stage. This talk show should “pull back the curtain” on racing, giving viewers a chance to see and hear things they couldn’t elsewhere. For example, show what the pit crew does prior to a race and talk to them about it. Or talk to a mechanic about what it’s like to work for a race team, or an engineer about designing and building race cars.

4. Live stream from the cockpit.    

If fans could experience a taste of what it’s like to sit in the driver’s seat, the thrill level of “watching” a race would go through the roof! So why not let them experience it through live streaming? Putting a camera in the cockpit of two race cars is an awesome way to enhance the viewing experience. There may be some logistics to work out with your live streaming platform, such as network and equipment requirements, but it can be done. This is a unique experience your fans won’t soon forget—and will want to come back for time and time again.

Can the live streaming platform provider you’re considering pull off these ideas?

If you’re planning to implement these marketing strategies, you may need the help of an experienced live streaming platform provider. We’ve partnered with a number of motorsports organizations to help them promote their brand through live streaming in any creative way they can think of!

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