The Impact Of Live Streaming Services On New Hope Chapel—An Interview

The Impact Of Live Streaming Services On New Hope Chapel—An Interview

We’re pumped that so many churches around the country are starting to live stream. We’ve already written about the benefits of live streaming your church services, but it’s always more powerful (and interesting!) to hear it from a personal perspective. Phil Grenier of New Hope Chapel in Plymouth, Massachusetts, was a driving force behind his church’s adoption of live streaming and continues to be amazed by its success. He let us pick his brain recently about how New Hope started streaming and how it’s impacted the church’s mission.

New Hope Chapel On Streaming Church Services

Phil, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Can you tell us a little bit about New Hope and your role there?

Sure. New Hope Chapel has about 700-800 members; it’s a fairly large church for the New England area. I joined in 2011 and got involved with the audio/video (A/V) ministry in 2012. That includes everything related to the sound system, lighting, and the in-house projectors for all of our facilities, covering church services and special events.

How did New Hope get started live streaming its church services?

When I first started attending the church, there were accommodations for two services—a small one in the main building and a larger one in a rented auditorium next to the church for Sunday services. At that time, there were two A/V guys. One ran the sound, the other ran the video projector and the PowerPoint presentation. There was nothing happening yet with video. I felt I had a calling to bring that to the table, so I started videotaping and recording the services, which eventually led to live streaming.

What made you the right person for the job?

I have my own production company, so I do have a technical background. So I guess you could say I had more experience with video than anyone else there. But I didn’t know anything at all about live streaming!

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Were there any hesitations from church members or leaders about live streaming?

When we first approached the idea, the normal concerns came up: cost, finding enough people to help out, and technical questions. But no one actually objected to doing it. The only caveat was that our pastor, Neil Eaton, wanted to make sure that if we were going to do live streaming, it should be done with excellence. It needed to look right and be appropriate.

How did live streaming play into the church’s overall goals?

Pastor Eaton is an amazing guy. He speaks to people. I felt in my heart that, if he was able to reach me, he could do the same for so many other people—just by the church expanding its reach through streaming. We hoped that live streaming would help us get the word of God out there and give us more opportunities to reach people. The more churches that are doing it, the better. Also, we wanted to create an archive so people could watch sermons at their leisure.

Can you tell if streaming your church services has been working?

There’s no doubt it’s impacting our church. Within the first couple years of live streaming, I started getting messages from people saying, “Hey, we discovered your stream, and it has had an amazing impact on our lives.” Sometimes the messages were from random people. One couple was in town on vacation from California, and they happened to walk by our church and took down the information about our live stream. When they got back to California they hooked into it and have been watching it ever since! They still send us messages occasionally about how it has changed their life. Also, Pastor Eaton forwards me emails from other people all the time saying, “Hey, check this out! They just stumbled across our live stream!” It’s amazing.

It’s also great for our members, who can still participate in services despite having injuries or illnesses, being bedridden, or away on vacation. One of our young members experienced a tough pregnancy and was bedridden for months. She was so grateful that she could stay connected to the church through the whole thing. There are too many of these kinds of stories to count—hundreds of them.

Did you notice a drop in attendance or membership as a result of live streaming?   

Not at all. In fact, since we started live streaming, we grew! Particularly among young adults. This age group loves the fact that we have such a high-tech background, and they want to be involved. When I started, it was only three guys; now, we have an entire crew of people on the tech side—probably 10-15 people serving every Sunday.

That led to an interest in creating videos—video announcements and other projects. We now have a whole ministry devoted to video creation, mostly made up of young people under 21. It’s incredible how it’s taken off—it’s blowing up! And it all started happening shortly after we started live streaming. Once we saw the ways that live streaming was impacting our church, we quickly wanted to develop it and run with it. I had bought all the original equipment myself; we later decided as a church to invest in better equipment. Now we’ve renovated the entire system and handed it off to the younger guys.

Do you have any advice for churches that are considering live streaming?

Sure, here goes:

  1. Pray about it. We did that at first—we prayed for months to make sure it was the right thing to do. God will tell you if it’s not. But if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.
  2. Find young people who are hungry for this kind of ministry. It can be very time-consuming, and you will need help.
  3. Just do it! Try it. You can always stop doing it if people have a problem with it. The more your message gets out there… I see that as just such a good thing.

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