Fall brings football, full schedules

Don’t look now, but it’s past time to tear off another page of the calendar. Of course, in the world of college athletics that means the preparations are drawing to a close, the deadline is creeping closer.

Fall sports are about to be in full swing.

Don’t worry, there’s still time left to set up a test and ensure everything’s in its proper place, but this weekend marks the first really full slate of fall sports after what was hopefully a relaxing summer for all those working in the sports information. We know that typically the fall, while worthy of many different adjective, is rarely termed ‘relaxing.’

And yet, for so many of us, we live for times like the fall. Sure there is a heavier workload and the occasional day that makes you sit down and reconsider your career choice, but there are also plenty of amazing things about the season. Students are back on campus, the weather will start to cool down (at least we hope) and college football is back.

I’m incredibly excited for college football, both as a Stretch employee and as a massive fan of the game. This week’s kickoffs provide an unofficial start to the crazy busy season. When you see two college football teams going at it, it’s officially fall, even if the start of the season is before Labor Day.

There’s plenty of room for competitive banter, as all the guys in the office went to different schools. Several college QBs are cropping up on desktop backgrounds and there are plenty of wild Heisman (or sometimes Walter Payton Award) projections being thrown around. Luckily, there are no unreconcilable rivalries, so nobody ever seems to stay mad at each other. At least not yet.

And that’s good because it’s quite a slate ahead this season. It hasn’t been the best offseason for the sport, with more scandal in the headlines than season previews, but plenty of that goes away once there are games to be played and controversies emerge on the field rather than outside the stadium. This weekend already brings a top five game on the Division I level with LSU and Oregon meeting on a neutral site in Saturday’s marquee fixture.

Not a football fan? No worries. Fall also brings a whole slew of volleyball, soccer and a host of other sports. We like streaming pretty much anything at Stretch, after all, it’s what we do. It’s always nice to have some diversity in the events we monitor and watch during a day that might include a few minutes of field hockey here, some soccer there and the occasional tractor pull.

So, as we all prepare for this exciting time, best of luck to everyone as we enter the fall season.