Countdown to GameCentral 2.0

So, if you’re a Stretch client, you’ve probably heard about this little thing we’re calling GameCentral 2.0. The excitement is building! Now just weeks away from the start of the academic year, we’ve started to field a lot of questions about the platform and our scheduled roll-out, and we figured it might be helpful to post an update on our timeline and plans as we get closer to kicking off the year.

Here are answers to the five questions we’re hearing most…

When will my new portal be available?
Several weeks ago, we sent an e-mail to each of our clients with a request for up-to-date logos or branding images. If you haven’t done so already, please e-mail those in ASAP (in EPS, AI or PSD format if possible). We will begin rolling out the newly designed portals this week and continue the phased roll-out into early August. You’ll be receiving an e-mail from us when your new portal is ready to go (and keep in mind that there WILL be a new URL for your portal). Your current portal will continue to function, though we’ll encourage you to set up the new link as soon as possible so your fans can take advantage of all that GameCentral 2.0 will have to offer.

When can I start entering events?
You’ve probably noticed a message in our CMS asking clients to hold off on entering events for the Fall. That message will be lifted by the end of July, as we roll out changes to our scheduling interface. Among other things, you’ll now have options to enter event-specific hashtags for Twitter integration, along with custom tags for categorizing events (for example, you might want to create a tag called “Press Conferences” that would allow a fan to quickly filter your content by that “tag”). You’ll find the other biggest changes in the CMS on the “Portal Manager” page, where you’ll have the ability to set up social media, upload graphic elements and have more control over various sections of the landing page and portal.

What about the other features?
In August, we’ll begin integrating and rolling out many of the other features you’ve been hearing about – things like our radically improved live stats interface, instant highlights (we think this will be a game-changer), pre-roll video, and several other items. We’ll use a variety of means – Taffy (the blog you’re reading), social media, e-mail and CMS alerts – to keep you up to date on our progress. While we hope to have the major features ready to go by the start of the sports year, some functionalities might be delayed… we’ll keep you up to date on our development timelines.

How will I learn how to use the new features?
During August, we’ll be releasing a series of informational and educational videos to highlight our new features, and get you up to speed quickly! Oh, and of course, we’ve got the world’s best support staff just a phone call away if you have more specific questions (or just want to chat!).

What if I uncover bugs, want to suggest features or have comments?
By mid-August, we’ll be launching a platform that allows our clients to report bugs, suggest new features (and even vote on features requested by other users), and provide us with other important feedback. This will not only provide a user-driven means for us to fine-tune GameCentral 2.0, but will keep our development team driving forward with more innovative ideas!

Didn’t see your questions answered here? E-mail or call us, and we’ll be happy to provide “freakishly good support!”


  • dean

    Is 2.0 available yet? thru Roku?