3 Cameras Perfect For Church Live Streaming Productions

Cameras Perfect For Church Live Streaming

Shopping around for church live streaming cameras? We sometimes get questions about the best video cameras for church use, and, while plenty of cameras could get the job done just fine, there are a few in particular we usually recommend.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to supplement your existing collection of church video production equipment, the cameras listed below would all perform well in the lighting conditions typical of most houses of worship—that is, low or soft light. Sometimes you’ll need a video camera for the church sanctuary (a place with low light, usually) to shoot the band in another area of the church, for example, or the church minister (where there’s usually more light). That’s why the best video cameras for recording church services have a good image sensor that can handle the various lighting challenges associated with many church venues. Otherwise, it’s all about ease of use and price.

3 Video Cameras To Broadcast Church Services

1. JVC GY-HM200HW camera

In this case, the “HW” at the end of the model number stands for “house of worship,” which means it was created with church live streaming in mind. But its particular designation has less to do with the camera itself and more to do with a couple of special features.

First, it has an integrated graphics feature that can be used in conjunction with a mobile device. Simply connect the camera and your mobile device to the same wifi or hardwired network, and you can direct the camera to bring in graphics from an app that you control with your device. The associated app includes a variety of church-specific graphics templates that can easily be customized to fit your own church.

Second, you can live stream directly from the camera. Simply connect it to the internet and the stream can be delivered to any live stream provider—without the need for an encoder or a computer.  

Need help getting your church’s live stream off the ground? Check out our free guide detailing everything you need to know about live streaming your church services.

It’s a professional-level camera, which means it’s a little on the pricier side (approximately $2500), but it’s a great choice if you can afford it. Simple to use and perfect for a single-camera setup, it had to be on our short list for best video cameras for church use.

2. Canon XA35

Our second choice works great for sports and other events, as well as church services. The Canon XA35 is an entry-level professional camera that will round out the rest of your church video recording equipment. It doesn’t have the built-in streaming capability of the JVC camera mentioned above, so you’ll still need an encoder and a computer to live stream. But the newly designed image sensor in this model does well with low light, and will give you an image worthy of a professional-looking broadcast. This one will run you in the $2100 range.

3. Panasonic HC-VX981K

If you’re just starting out and looking for a more budget-friendly video camera to broadcast your church services, check out the Panasonic HC-VX981K. It’s a prosumer-level camera that has a good quality image sensor and a 20x optical zoom lens for all those close-up shots you’ll need. Simple and straightforward, this camera will run you about $700.

For church live stream cameras, all of the above fit the bill, in our experience. If your favorite camera isn’t on this list, tweet us @stretchinternet and let us know. Or, if you have more questions about live streaming equipment for churches, we’re more than happy to chat. Either contact us, or set up a free live streaming consultation to discuss your current live stream setup or get expert advice on where to start. Good luck!