3 Challenges Organizations May Face With Facebook Live

3 Challenges Organizations May Face With Facebook Live

Thinking of live streaming your next PowerPoint presentation to all of your company’s satellite offices? Or maybe you want to broadcast a fundraising event to extend your organization’s reach. Or… well, you may have one of about a thousand other ideas for how to integrate live streaming into your communications and marketing strategies.

If so, congrats—because you’re right where you need to be. The most forward-thinking organizations these days are coming up with creative ways to work in live streaming wherever possible, including:

  • Conducting live interviews with employees.
  • Presenting training seminars and workshops.
  • Sharing award ceremonies and keynote speeches.
  • Announcing product launches.
  • Broadcasting public outreach events.

And the list goes on! Many organizations turn to Facebook Live to get the job done. It’s simple and works great for those times when you want to just pick up your smartphone and record a spontaneous Nerf Rival blaster shootout in the office.

But Facebook Live may not be best suited for all your needs. If you’re serious about your live stream and what you hope it will do for your organization, consider the following Facebook Live issues that could impact how your message comes across.

Facebook Live Issues That May Impact Your Organization’s Live Stream

1. It limits your ability to pull together a professional presentation.

Often, supplemental materials like slideshows, posters, images, or graphics are an integral part of a successful presentation. However, without a separate computer and encoding/production software (or a standalone video switcher), it will be difficult to incorporate these materials into a basic Facebook Live stream. While you can accomplish this with Facebook Live, the platform is really optimized for quick, off-the-cuff streams from your mobile device. If your goal includes producing and sharing top-notch, well-thought-out presentations, you may want to consider a more robust live streaming platform to accommodate it.

Wondering what else a live streaming platform provider can do for your organization’s live stream? Download this free guide to choosing a platform provider that will help you reach your goals.

2. You lose control over your brand’s image.

If you’re hoping that your live stream will build a stronger connection between your audience and your brand, then Facebook Live isn’t the ideal solution. Viewers watching your stream will see a lot of Facebook Live’s branding on the screen but very little evidence of your own company’s brand (not exactly the most memorable viewing experience). A live stream platform provider can give you an attractive, dedicated viewing portal for your organization’s live streams, customized to reflect the experience you want viewers to have.

3. A lack of tech support could leave you, and your viewers, hanging.

Live streaming on any platform has its challenges, so it’s inevitable that you will run into problems with Facebook Live at some point. But, there’s no one to call for technical assistance, so if something goes wrong, you’ll have to resort to Plan B—which is essentially searching the internet to see if anyone else has ever had a similar problem (Facebook Live audio out of sync… help… anyone?). Streaming best practices dictate that you should always test your stream in advance of an event, but without someone to contact, this can prove difficult (if not impossible). A good live streaming platform provider is always available to offer help, and will even monitor your feed for you and inform you when something’s gone wrong. Your viewers should also have access to technical support if things don’t work on their end.

An Alternative To Facebook Live For Organizations

Don’t let Facebook Live issues stop you from taking advantage of all that live streaming has to offer. Instead, rely on a live streaming platform provider for professional broadcasts that can help build your brand and connect with more potential viewers.

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