What Are The Benefits Of Live Streaming Church Services?

What Are The Benefits Of Live Streaming Church Services

Whether you’re a pastor, a trustee, or a volunteer, you know that part of growing your church body and expanding your outreach is implementing new and innovative methods to connect with your community. If you’ve been doing some research around these methods, you’ve probably come across church live streaming services as an option.

You’ve probably considered that live streaming will give you a chance to help your congregants stay connected to church services they can’t physically attend—but there are tons of other real (and unique) benefits to live streaming you may not have considered. Take a look!

What Are The Benefits Of Live Streaming Church Services?

1. It can increase your outreach to the community (and beyond).

Many churchgoers invite friends, family members, or neighbors to attend their church with them. While some invitees may feel comfortable going to a church service right away, others may want to dip their toe in the water before jumping in feet first—and live streaming is a great way for them to be able to do that! It’s far easier (and less intimidating) for someone to watch a live-streamed church service from the comfort of their own home and get a sense for what it’s all about before attending.

Looking for a progressive way to reach more people with your message? Find out everything you need to know about live streaming your church services.

2. It can help people become stronger in their faith.

Think of the last movie you watched that had a big impact on you. Did you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could have seen that live instead of on a screen!” Probably not. The movie was impactful because it had a powerful message. Well, the same is true of live streaming! Consider the fact that live streaming gives your congregants (and people from around the world) the chance to connect with your message, regardless of their physical location.

3. It can connect people to other church-related activities.

Many churches offer a variety of services, classes, and outreach opportunities throughout the week. And since you’re investing the time in these different programs, why not allow viewers to “tune in” and watch what’s happening from afar? Imagine grandparents being able to tune into their grandchild’s choir concert or someone recovering from surgery being able to follow along with their favorite weekly Bible study. The possibilities for live streaming don’t begin and end on Sunday!

4. It can increase member donations.

Churches are able to continue to operate and expand their outreach through the tithing of churchgoers. If you live stream your church service, you are given a unique opportunity to allow viewers to give their offerings without actually attending the service.

Consider the bigger picture with live streaming.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of worrying that no one will show up on Sunday if live streaming is available. And while you may have some individuals who choose to tune in online vs. attend a physical service, it’s critical to think of the bigger picture. A church live streaming solution can impact the lives of your members (and those in the community) in ways you probably haven’t considered. So instead of dwelling on any negative outcomes, consider how much further you can spread your message with this technology.