9 Places To Watch Church Online

9 Places To Watch Church Online




Physical inability.


Football. (Hey, Matthew 7:1… we’re not judging!)

These are just a few of the million reasons why you may not be able to physically go to church. But with the live streaming technology out there today, you can watch or listen to a sermon that’s happening anywhere in the world—all from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you’re at)!

There are so many great places to watch church online, but we can’t feature them all. So we’ve selected 9 live streaming churches (organized alphabetically below) you may want to check out next time you’re just not able to attend.

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9 Places To Watch Church Online

1. Christ Place Church 

With both Saturday and Sunday services, a countdown clock (to the next service), and an online prayer request submission form right on the live stream page, Christ Place Church offers a great user experience.

2. Elevation Church

Elevation Church just wrapped up a special event called “Code Orange Revival 2016”—but don’t worry, they’re still streaming rebroadcasts. And aside from their special events, they also stream regular worship services on Saturday evening and Sunday. Check out their app if you want to watch on the go. (No live streaming while driving, of course!)

3. Lakewood Church

If you’re thinking, “I’ve heard of Lakewood before,” you’re probably right. The pastor at Lakewood Church is famed televangelist and author Joel Osteen. (And on top of that, Lakewood is the largest regularly used worship center in the United States.) If you want to tune into a Lakewood Church live stream, you’re in good company—over seven million Americans will be watching along with you.

4. Life.Church 

If you want to power through a thought-provoking series of church services, definitely check out Life.Church. With series titles like “When God Doesn’t Make Sense” and “The Christian Atheist,” you’re sure to find a topic that piques your interest.

5. North Point Online 

North Point Online exists “so you can connect with a local church–no matter where you are.” If you want to watch church online more regularly—but still feel like a member of a church community—North Point Online may be perfect for you! They also rebroadcast their main Sunday service seven additional times throughout the day, so you can go to church on your own schedule.

6. Olive Baptist Church 

Olive Baptist makes sure their worship guide is updated and available every Sunday to complement their live stream. You can also see rebroadcasted live streams from 2015-2016 if you wish.

7. One Church 

One Church isn’t afraid to tackle complex issues—their most recent sermon is titled, “LGBTQ Equality and Religious Liberty.” While you’re watching their church service online, you can check out One Church’s viewer map to see where in the world each person is watching from.

8. Saddleback Church 

Saddleback Church is another one on our list that may ring a bell. It is home to founder and senior pastor Rick Warren. (He’s written a number of best-selling books you may also know of, like The Purpose Driven Life.) In addition to live streaming Saddleback’s services or watching previous sermon series, you can also check out their webcasts, “stories,” and resources.

9. Sandals Church 

Sandals Church is all about being real—with themselves, God, and others. Be sure to look at some of their interesting sermon series like “Where is God when tragedy strikes?” and “Bad Christian.”

Where do you watch church online?

Tweet us @stretchinternet and let us know where you’re viewing your live stream church service. You may find it on an updated version of this list!