4 Live Streaming Opportunities For Production Companies

4 Live Streaming Opportunities For Production Companies

If you’re the owner of a video production company, you’re probably always on the lookout for opportunities to grow your business. If that’s the case, then here’s an idea for you: Expand your market with live streaming.

We’re not just saying that because we’re a live streaming platform provider—really! The explosive growth of live streaming is reflected in the huge investments being made by Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and other social platforms. And viewers love it, too. Evidence shows that people watching a live stream are more engaged than they are with traditional video, making this an especially attractive way for brands to connect with their users.

As a video production expert, you’re perfectly positioned to help local businesses take advantage of this trend. Below, we’ve outlined a few live stream ideas as they relate to a variety of businesses and industries; consider how they might fit in with companies in your area.

Remember—live streaming is ideal for anything people would rather watch in real time than after the fact. Tweak the suggestions below, or come up with some new ideas of your own. The businesses you talk to will be looking for growth opportunities as well, so present your pitch accordingly!

Grow Your Production Company With These 4 Live Stream Ideas

1. Live stream sports tournaments for schools or community sports programs.

Topping the list of the most valuable video streaming services you can provide is sports. Most people would always rather watch a sporting event play out in real time than after the fact. (Plus, it’s hard to avoid the inevitable spoilers for that game you desperately wanted to watch but couldn’t.) Tournaments, in particular, present a terrific streaming opportunity. Find out what schools or organizations in your area host multiple games tournament-style, and offer to bring in a crew to live stream the event. For an added bonus, say you’ll throw in an edited collection of highlight clips when the tournament’s over.

2. Partner with an event venue to live stream events.

Whether they host sports games, concerts, pageants, plays, or a combination of the above, event venues have numerous opportunities for live streaming. Contrary to what they might expect, live streaming isn’t likely to limit ticket sales. Instead, it has the potential to expand their market, giving people from outside the local area a chance to see the show and local audiences more options for viewing. Content can easily be protected behind a paywall. Partnering with a venue is nice from a production standpoint as well. Once you figure out the best setup for your workflow, you won’t have to change it when there’s a new event.

3. Offer to live stream community fundraisers.

Fundraising events these days rarely happen without some form of entertainment to draw donors in. It’s always better to be there in real time, which makes fundraisers ideal for live streaming. Some live streaming platforms can link the viewing portal to a donation site online, which means an expanded donor base for the organizers. You can also make it interactive, involving viewers in the live stream and thereby increasing engagement. Fundraisers can become a lot more powerful when combined with social media.

Any live stream becomes more powerful paired with the right platform. Download this free guide to find out what features make or break the viewer experience and what you should expect when partnering with a live streaming platform provider.

4. Drum up interest among churches for live streaming services.

While many churches fear that live streaming will negatively impact attendance, the opposite has proven to be true in most cases. Live streaming church services tends to increase engagement; it also nourishes a sense of community and helps spread the message to a broader audience. Sometimes, enthusiastic congregants step up to take on the challenge of live streaming, but professional assistance will more than likely be welcomed.

Get Your Business On Board With Live Streaming

Video streaming services like these require a different mindset when it comes to production (for instance, your knack for editing will come in handy during shooting, not after shooting), but your production expertise paired with some original live stream ideas will be seen as an asset for local businesses.

We’d love to help get your production company on board with the live streaming trend. If you have questions about live streaming, the equipment you need to get going, or how our live streaming platform can help with your growth efforts, contact us. Our goal is to help you reach your goals!