The 21 Best Church Websites

The 21 Best Church Websites

We’re not much for top 10 lists around here (why does it always have to be 10?), which is why we didn’t think twice when we went looking for some of the best church websites on the internet and came up with a list more than twice the size—21, to be exact.

We like these websites for lots of different reasons, but you’ll see the words “welcoming,” “simple,” and “straightforward” mentioned quite a bit in the explanations below. Live streaming aside, these churches did an awesome job (in our view, anyway) at designing sites that drew us in and made us want to stay awhile. So if you’re a church looking to revamp your site, check out some of the entries on this list as well as our previous article on web hosting options for churches. Between the two, you could probably come up with a nice wish list for your own acreage on the web—maybe even a top 10 list, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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The 21 Best Church Websites

1. New Vision Baptist Church

21 Best Church Websites-1

Why we like it: The visual on the homepage drew us in immediately; it feels warm and inviting. We think a lot of people tend to shy away from churchgoing because they feel intimidated, so a “warm” welcome is key. Also, the navigation on this site is very straightforward—only four options—and prioritizes the things the church wants visitors to be aware of (I’m New, Events, Watch Live, and Give).

2. One Church

21 Best Church Websites-2

Why we like it: The design is simple and straightforward. Within 10 seconds of looking at the site, a visitor would have a good idea of what this church is about and some of its core philosophies. Admittedly, the navigation is a little cluttered, but we still think it’s effective.

3. The City Church

21 Best Church Websites-3

Why we like it: We like the clarity of this site’s design. There is very little vertical scroll; when you do scroll, you are presented with campus locations and upcoming events. It’s clear this site has a singular mission—to connect people to the church by telling them when and where they can participate. But there are navigational buttons if visitors want to find out more.

4. The Grove

21 Best Church Websites-4

Why we like it: This one is worth highlighting for the somewhat bold strategy of autoplaying a video of the lead pastor when visitors load the site. This strategy is high-risk/high-reward as it can turn some people off immediately or draw people in who otherwise wouldn’t have played the video on their own. Other than that, the site does a good job of visually representing its worship space and gives visitors a good idea of what to expect.

5. Red Rocks Church

21 Best Church Websites-5

Why we like it: We like the visual appeal of this one, which makes good use of color in its branding to tie in with the Red Rocks name. It also offers a media section that includes nicely produced videos of various events—baptisms, roundtable discussions, and location launches (there’s one in Belgium)!

6. First Church

21 Best Church Websites-6

Why we like it: Visitors see three prominent calls-to-action right away: watch a sermon, join the congregation on Sunday, and learn more about the church. The design is modern, clean, and welcoming. We think it’s important to represent the tone of your church with your design and color scheme—do you want to be soft and welcoming or are you trying to express action and urgency with a bolder look?

7. Bethel Church

21 Best Church Websites-7

Why we like it: Bethel Church’s website seems to “unfold” as you scroll, which has a nice feel to it. Upcoming events, testimonies, and learning courses are attractively laid out and well organized. The site as a whole has a peaceful, welcoming feeling to it (kind of like the website says—“on earth as it is in heaven”).

8. The Summit Church

21 Best Church Websites-8

Why we like it: The juxtaposition of navigational images is lively and interesting. Plus, visitors are introduced to the pastor and his blog right on the homepage, which we like because it lends a more intimate, personal feel to what could otherwise seem like a very large church. Every page makes good use of white space and is easy to read.

9. Flatirons Community Church

21 Best Church Websites-9

Why we like it: The hoverable side navigation is unique and lets the main images take center stage (it only pulls out when you place the cursor on it). Church members can immediately find service times and locations as well as ways to give online. There are also video sermons along with discussion questions, making it a great resource for learning.

10. Southeast Christian Church

21 Best Church Websites-10

Why we like it: Scroll down on the homepage and you’ll see neatly delineated sections for upcoming events, “Life @ Southeast” (social media postings), locations, and information for new visitors. We also like that they have a “Statement of Faith” page that links the church’s core beliefs with scripture references—a unique and powerful way of stating who they are. Attractive visuals and sparse text combine to make an inviting site.

11. Fellowship Church

21 Best Church Websites-11

Why we like it: The current promotion on this church’s homepage shows it has a sense of humor (“Family Business” refers to a series of teachings about the purpose of family). We also liked the messages that accompany the visuals on the homepage, from “We’re saving a seat for you,” to “Welcome to the best hour of your week,” to “Fellowship Church loves kids!” The message is enthusiastic and clear—join us!

12. NorthRidge Church

21 Best Church Websites-12

Why we like it: According to NorthRidge, it does church “without all the churchiness.” The text conveys the message well, coming across as friendly, casual, and welcoming—and maybe a little different than the next church, too. A beautiful, clean design also helps.

13. Bayside Church

21 Best Church Websites-13

Why we like it: Visitors will know right away if they can identify with this church thanks to well-designed text boxes that “pop” against the black-and-white background image, each briefly encapsulating the church’s mission. We also like that this site doesn’t try to do too much: As this is the main website covering all campuses, only the essentials are provided—locations, who they are, and media clips. From there, visitors can navigate to the websites of each individual campus for more information.

14. Ada Bible Church

21 Best Church Websites-14

Why we like it: With visually appealing curated lists of everything from the latest happenings to “next steps” for congregants interested in moving their religious journey forward, Ada Bible Church’s website is both beautiful and easy to find your way around. The blue faded background visuals play nicely with the main images throughout, so what should stand out, does.

15. Church Of The King

21 Best Church Websites-15

Why we like it: The Church of the King site tells visitors everything they need to know, with a more unique look than many of the other churches on our list. The circular navigation icons are attractive and thoughtfully designed to command attention. The top part of the homepage (not pictured here) gives priority to promoting the current discussion series. There’s no endless scrolling here—it’s a short way down, but you can easily get what you came for.

16. Gateway Church, Austin

21 Best Church Websites-16

Why we like it: Gateway clearly invites people to come as they are—“no perfect people allowed.” All of its content reinforces that message. The bright green and black color combination is lively with a touch of sophistication and serves to highlight important text. It’s easy to navigate and enjoyable to look at.

17. Judson Memorial Church

21 Best Church Websites-17

Why we like it: Everything about this website is striking, from the homepage to the FAQ page. It treats everything a little differently than other church websites, including the fun navigational icons, the words and design for the navigation menu at the top, and the bold font that stands out (that last part we’re not crazy about, but it works with the rest of the site design). Clearly this is a different kind of church.

18. Trinity Church Boston

21 Best Church Websites-18

Why we like it: The accent colors of blue and gold tie everything on this site together, giving it a more sophisticated, stately look (red is also pulled in under the menu items). Nicely chosen images and a well-organized layout make for an attractive, appealing website.

19. Connexus Church

21 Best Church Websites-19

Why we like it: Two words—clean and clear. There’s no chance of getting lost on this website, and you’ll enjoy roaming around while you’re at it. Attractive illustrated icons direct visitors to “take your next step” midway down the homepage. And rather than just relying on a “contact us” menu item, the church comes right out and asks if you have any questions that haven’t yet been answered, which leads you right to a contact form. Finally, the “About Us” page shows a friendly team of church leaders and invites visitors to learn more about each one. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend time here.

20. The Old North Church

21 Best Church Websites-20

Why we like it: The website for Old North Church not only has to reflect the fact that it is Boston’s oldest surviving church building and a historical site, but it also has to be modern in design. This site covers both these angles, with a unique brick background on the homepage, an authentic historical font, and clear and attractive navigation boxes and menus as well as social media links.

21. Mount Pleasant Christian Church

21 Best Church Websites-21

Why we like it: This church does a better job than most at keeping a consistent look and feel throughout the different parts of its site—including on the homepage, where the scrolling images are different but clearly part of the same whole. The brown, tan, and green color scheme makes that possible and is used to good effect throughout. (Plus, to us it feels homey and warm.) It also includes a prayer wall where visitors can post prayer requests, making the site interactive.

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