The 10 Best Resources & Blogs For Tech-Savvy Churches

Thanks to the internet, these days no one has to try anything new without help. That’s just as true for churches, that, luckily, have tons of resources at their fingertips which can help with everything from writing marketing email subject lines, to building mobile giving apps, to setting up digital libraries for church members.

Sometimes, though, there’s almost too much help to choose from, which is why “best of” posts tend to come in handy. You may already be familiar with some of the most popular church resources and blogs on our list, but we tried to dig a little deeper to offer a few additional resources you may not have yet discovered. We hope you’ll give them a read to see if they line up with your church’s goals.

And, of course, if live streaming your church services is anywhere on your tech to-do list, you already know where to go for help!

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The 5 Best Church Resources

1. Courageous Storytellers

Its mission is to help church communicators tell the story of their church in the best way possible—so it provides all the tools you could ever need to get the job done. Resources, knowledge, training… it’s like having an extra person on your team who has all the answers, even for those questions you didn’t know you had. Some resources are free; there’s also a membership option to get access to new monthly resources along with everything Courageous Storytellers has ever created.

2. That Church

The founders of That Church believe in doing and changing, not listening and following. To that end, all of their company’s resources and events are geared toward helping church leaders inspire change. They provide a podcast, an online magazine, mobile apps and a TV app(!) for easy access to all of their material; they even have a live stream of their annual conference. You can get anything you want, however you want to get it.

3. Pro Church Tools

Ninety percent of the weekly content Pro Church Tools publishes is free and was designed specifically for the purpose of helping churches reach their audiences. It has an extensive collection of audio, video, and text resources; members of the Pro Church Academy get access to even more video courses, cheat sheets, templates, and formulas. The idea here is that anyone can succeed in getting their church noticed—despite small budgets and no experience.

4. Church Technical Leaders

Developed for church technical artists, this site intends not only to be a learning resource but also to serve as a place for like-minded technical individuals to foster relationships. On its website, “The City” makes connection-building easy, giving users a way to meet church and technical leaders anywhere around the world. It also has a terrific blog (“The Sacrifice Of My Pride” by Martha Shafer is recommended) and offers day-long LeadLab events periodically to learn more about church tech.

5. Church Media Spot

Church Media Spot has an exhaustive list of resources to improve your church communications, including videos, graphics, photos, music, websites, and fonts, as well as links to a variety of learning resources like conferences and church blogs. If you’re looking for practical tools to get your message across more effectively—and wow your audience while you’re at it—this is the place to go.

The 5 Best Church Blogs

1. Church Tech Today

Articles in this blog cover a range of faith-based technology subjects, arranged under the broad topics of communications, software, hardware, worship, and “kidmin” (youth ministry). (There’s even a live streaming subcategory—hands in the air! See “Live Streaming As Ministry” for some great advice on getting started with live streaming.) This one is worth following.

2. Faith Engineer

Written by the pastor—and, pretty much, tech director—of a growing church in a rural town (formerly a design engineer), this blog stands out for its truthfulness in showing the difficulties small churches face in utilizing technology. If you’re in a similar situation and are searching for some real-life perspective on the subject, take a look here.

3. The Creative Pastor

With articles like “10 Items Under $20 That Every Church Tech Booth Needs” and “Four Simple Steps To Improve Your Church’s Social Media,” this blog is direct and practical. The Creative Pastor (aka Kendall Conner) is a self-described “media geek” who wants to make church media simple for even the most inexperienced folks, putting awesome within everyone’s reach.

4. Ministry Tech

Technically a magazine that publishes articles online, Ministry Tech is all about technology and software and how they can be used to support ministry. Its articles cover everything from online giving and security to church management software and effective church blogging. You can even subscribe for free and get the newest issues as soon as they’re published; or, subscribe for monthly tech trend reports.

5. Steve Fogg

Steve Fogg describes himself as a “church communications person who is keen on the power of utilising social media” to help churches grow online. His articles mainly revolve around digital branding, communications, and marketing, with the occasional podcast and ebook offerings. Steve’s writing is clear, simple, and from the heart, which makes his posts easy and interesting to read. It’s an excellent resource for churches seeking technology solutions for bolstering their brand.

We’re sure there are more gems out there—do you know of any church resources or blogs we should add? Tweet us @stretchinternet and let us know!