Video Streaming

we're experts... so you don't have to be

it's easier than you think

Whether you’re a video streaming rookie or a seasoned veteran, our staff will provide a seamless and pain-free transition. We’ll suggest equipment, work with your network administrators, assist with pre-event checks... or do whatever it takes to help provide a plug-and-play experience. We’re experts in video so that you don’t have to be.

Tired of low-quality Windows Media streams or other streaming platforms with questionable compatibility? We stream our content in Flash, utilizing the high-quality H.264 video and AAC audio codecs. If your viewers can watch YouTube video clips, they can access our content.

With Stretch, you can choose to pick up the tab and make your video broadcasts available to an unlimited number of viewers for free... and we now offer unlimited video packages for most schools and organizations! Or, you can offer events on a pay-per-view basis and earn a significant share of the proceeds. It’s up to you! Contact us for the latest pricing and options.

Realize a new source of revenue
We give you complete control of your broadcast, including all advertising rights. Many of our clients engineer commercials for their sponsors and mix them into their broadcasts. Additionally, our fully customized Flash media portal can feature visual ads for your sponsors! It's very easy to generate additional revenue by utilizing a new marketing inventory.

Watch the broadcast...again...and again...and again
We know some viewers (and team personnel, coaches and players for that matter) like to go back and listen to the broadcasts after the fact. That’s why Stretch provides full archiving of all your broadcasts. We also provide you with the option of selling your on-line archives (and keeping a significant percentage of the sales) via our secure web site (see sample). And, in addition to providing on-line links to archived broadcasts, we’ll send you compact discs with recorded QuickTime-formatted broadcasts if you’d like.

Mobile Streaming
Fans with an iPhone or iPod Touch can tune into your stream from just about anywhere they'd like. And, the iPhone is just the beginning. With Adobe aggressively porting Flash to a myriad of mobile devices, our streams will soon be available on just about any device you can get your hands on!

Add our podcasting package for an even more dynamic presentation
For just $199, you can add our podcast package and your archives will be available as downloadable podcasts – users can subscribe to your podcasts in iTunes or other media aggregators and download them to their iPod for listening on the go! We handle everything, from setting up the podcast to validating each feed and providing the links you need for your web page. The podcast package also also gives you the freedom to upload your own MP3 audio files – such as coaches shows or interviews with student-athletes! Read more about our podcast package.

Measure your audience
Stretch also provides real-time and historical viewership statistics, so you can log on at any time and find out how many listeners are tuning in to your live or archived broadcasts. We also include average session time and stats on both unique and peak listeners and viewers.

Send instant messages to your viewers!
To make our service even more valuable, we offer two mass messaging services (eScores for sports clients and Megaphone Messaging for other clients) that allow you to instantly send scores, news and even promotional items. Your viewers can choose to receive the information via cell phone text messaging or e-mail...or both! These services (valued at $495 per year) are included as a free add-on in many of our video streaming packages.

Access everything from one place
With one simple log-in, we provide all the tools you need to run your broadcast operations. Use our intuitive calendaring interface to quickly add live broadcasts. View real-time and historical statistical information on your viewers. Track revenue for pay-per-view subscriptions. Send out news instantly with our eScores or Megaphone Messaging services. Everything is in one place... and better yet, everything just makes sense.

We're here for you...and your viewers
O.K., so we listed this last among our features. But rest assured we make quality customer service our number one priority. If you browse our testimonials, you'll notice a common thread: Stretch is ready and eager to make sure your experience AND your viewers' experience is as enjoyable and user-friendly as possible. No one speaks louder than a company's clients and we think our clients are pretty loud when it comes to their level of satisfaction with our product and service.


Live and/or on-demand Flash streaming
Every event includes unlimited viewers
Customized, branded media portal
Complimentary Wirecast software license
Options for free-to-view and pay-per-view
All broadcasts archived for on-demand access
100 percent of advertising inventory and revenue
Unlimited, LIVE free technical support
iPhone streaming (other mobile platforms coming)
Real-time and historical viewer statistical reports

WIRECAST license included

We’ve partnered with Telestream to develop a customized, award-winning video streaming software solution that provides a simple and intuitive interface designed even for video novices. The software is Mac and PC-compatible and has the flexibility to work with single-camera broadcasts or professionally produced multi-camera broadcasts with graphics and replays. The software also allows you to switch to pre-loaded media (such as interviews, commercials, graphics, etc.) with one click. Best of all, thanks to our bulk licensing agreement with Telestream, the software is free to our video streaming partners (a $449 value)

Check out a sample stream


Let’s talk about networks. Because no matter how pretty we make our interface, the service isn’t worth much if we can’t stand behind the quality and reliability of our streaming. We host our servers only in data centers that peer on PacketExchange (see network map on left) or Limelight Networks, which are optimized for streaming media delivery. We also deploy load balancing throughout our five geographically-diverse locations, guaranteeing your viewers will enjoy a smooth experience, no matter where they’re at. Perhaps most importantly, we own and maintain our streaming servers, so we’re in complete control of our content distribution... we don’t have to rely on a hosting company to address server problems. We also have deployed a unique monitoring system that notifies our NOC staff immediately when a stream drops.