Stretch Internet for President

It’s entirely possible you’re aware there’s a presidential election in the United States this year.

There are plenty of implications for video streaming. YouTube streams of the debates attracted millions of views. Major networks and policy think tanks are airing expert reaction live. Third party debates are being streamed rather than televised and fringe candidates have taken to live streaming their responses and events to supporters across the globe.

At Stretch, we’ve been able to get in on the election fun as well. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have appeared on the Stretch network, Obama speaking last year in front of the American Legion and Romney when he was hosted by Northwestern College in Iowa. Additionally, our friends at Lynn played a big role, hosting the third and final debate.

As if appearing on our streams wasn’t enough, it’s entirely possible both candidates watch their shared law school alma mater, Harvard, on their mobile devices between campaign stops. Obama could even watch Occidental events. He initially attended the school before transferring and finishing his Bachelor’s degree at Columbia (though not the Stretch client in Missouri).

It’s not just America with a head of state from one of our schools. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper can enjoy the Dinos of his alma mater, Calgary on Stretch.

Outgoing Mexican president Felipe Calderón earned a master’s from Harvard, as did Obama’s fellow Nobel laureate and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Other foreign heads of state who might follow the Crimson include Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, Taiwan’s leader Ma Ying-jeou, and Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister of Singapore. Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who has a graduate degree from Yale, would be more apt to watch the rival Bulldogs.

Heads of State aren’t the only notable political figures who spent time at a Stretch institution. When he’s not attempting to broker peace deals, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan can catch his Macalester Scots on the athletic field using our service.

In the current cabinet, Hillary Clinton (Yale Law School), Arne Duncan (Harvard), Shaun Donovan (Harvard), Rebecca Blank (Minnesota), Leon Panetta (Santa Clara) and Janet Napolotano (Santa Clara) all attended Stretch schools.

And 30 current United States senators plus dozens of representatives attended Stretch schools for one or more of their college degrees.

The meaning is clear. Successful schools stream with Stretch Internet. OK, maybe that’s painting it with a bit of a broad brush, but we’re certainly proud to partner with so many institutions who produce the decision-makers at home and abroad.

We know we’ve missed plenty of very deserving politicians, so let us know in the comment section who some of the politicians are who attended your institution.