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Stretch Internet has become the industry leader in providing dedicated streaming solutions to college and university athletic departments, collegiate conferences, high schools and professional teams and organizations. While most providers who work with athletics offer web hosting and other services, we focus on ONE thing: providing the best possible streaming solution and support.

Think about it... most live events last 2-3 hours and you don't have time to work through a phone tree or track down the one or two individuals who who can help if you run into problems on game-day. EVERYONE in our office is a trained streaming specialist and we are always available to assist you. Our studios are staffed most heavily on nights and weekends – exactly when you need us most. In fact, if you DO run into issues, you'll almost always hear from us first. Thanks to proprietary monitoring technologies, we get immediate notifications whenever a stream disconnects or is experiencing issues. We also provide immediate support to any fans who might be experiencing difficulties connecting to your streams.

Clients such as Indiana University, Harvard, Yale, UCLA and the University of Cincinnati count on us to deliver a hassle-free, reliable product ... and since we work with more than 250 organizations and stream more than 20,000 events per year, we have the expertise you're looking for.

Our GameCentral portal is included with every streaming account and provides a first-of-its-kind media player interface that combines high-quality video and optional live stats and live chat in a custom-branded portal. Whether you want to stream audio or video – or both – we can customize a package for you. Take a look at the features we provide...

Flash Streaming
Flash has greater than a 95 percent penetration rate – across all platforms and browsers. If your fans can access videos on YouTube, ESPN or Hulu, they can access your content in GameCentral. We use only H.264 (video) and AAC (audio) codecs, which guarantee your streams will be delivered with the highest quality possible. We won’t ever skimp on quality!
Plug-and-play Video
Our video streaming software provides a simple, intuitive interface designed even for video novices. The software has the flexibility to work with single-camera broadcasts or professionally produced multi-camera broadcasts. The software also allows you to switch to pre-loaded media (such as interviews, commercials, graphics, etc.) with one click. Best part? Our partners get a complimentary license (valued at $449)
Flexible Audio Acquisition
If you’re going to stream any audio-only broadcasts, we can work with just about any situation to acquire audio, whether it’s for a radio or network simulcast or Internet-only broadcast. Schools can choose to dial into our toll-free automated studio line (with their individually assigned access code) or we can dial out to a studio or coupler line. We can also relay existing streams or even configure our own encoding computers for remote installation.
Start Spreading the News
Our unlimited streaming packages include a complimentary subscription to our one-of-a-kind eScores instant messaging service, designed especially for teams looking for unique ways to communicate with their fans. With just a few mouse clicks, you can send news, scores and other information to hundreds of fans via text message or e-mail!
Mobile Streaming
Your fans can watch or listen to live and on-demand content just about anywhere you’d like, thanks to our dynamic streaming server software. And, the iPhone is just the beginning. With Adobe aggressively porting Flash to a myriad of mobile devices, our streams will soon be available on just about any device you can get your hands on.
Memories sold here
It’s a question our partners have been asked more times than they care to count: “Can I get a CD of that game?” Now, you can direct your fans directly to YOUR GameCentral portal, where all archived broadcasts can be purchased on CD. Stretch Internet handles all the secure order processing, custom duplication and shipping and shares the net revenue with you.
Service that Goes Above and Beyond
In a 2009 survey of our clients, more than 95 percent ranked our customer service as a “4” or “5” on a scale of 1-5. That says it all. We’ve built our business on the idea that our product is only as good as our customer service. Whether you need suggestions for video equipment or have a problem with your streaming set-up during an event, we’re immediately available and ready to assist.


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A first-of-its-kind media player interface that combines high-quality video, live stats, live chat and more in custom-branded portal. Click here to read more.


We make it easy and affordable for high schools to broadcast games on-line! Whether you want to broadcast a handful of soccer games, a 10-game football season or an entire year's worth of events, we can help! We can also work with other teams or organizations.... Little Leagues, summer soccer clubs, etc. Contact us today for more info!