take your signal to the web

what we do?

We provide a hands-off streaming solution that allows you to focus on the day-to-day operation of your station. Whatever your format, whatever your target audience, we can deliver a high-quality product that keeps listeners coming back to YOUR station.

Plug and play
We deliver preconfigured hardware and software to your station that's ready to stream! All you need to do is plug in the audio source and Internet cable and you're up and running. Should any problems arise, we can access the hardware remotely so you don't have to worry about becoming a repair technician.

UNLIMITED listeners
We don't tier your maximum number of listeners based on your monthly fee. All of our plans include an unlimited number of listeners.

Streaming in Flash
Flash has greater than a 95 percent penetration rate - across all platforms and browsers. If your listeners can access videos on YouTube, ESPN or Hulu, they can access your content in GameCentral. We use the AAC audio codec, which guarantee your streams will be delivered with the highest quality possible. We won't ever skimp on quality!

Mobile Streaming
Listeners with an iPhone or iPod Touch can tune into your stream from anywhere they'd like – even over a low-bandwidth EDGE network connection. And, the iPhone is just the beginning. With Adobe aggressively porting Flash to a myriad of mobile devices, your stream will soon be available on just about any device you can get your hands on!

Archiving and podcasts available

If you'd like to preserve shows or other live events (such as sporting events), we can record and archive the content on our servers and even make it available for purchase on a CD. And, we can help you with your podcasting needs, even automating the process so that you never have to lift a finger!

Full advertising rights
Our fully customized Flash interface can feature visual ads for your sponsors! You send us the logos and web links and we program the media player, so that your sponsors receive repeated exposure. We can also add pre-roll audio or video that plays before any listener can access the stream.

24/7 monitoring and alerts
We use a series or propietary scripts to monitor your stream 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should your network or stream go down, we can respond immediately. We can even have the alerts sent to you as well, if you'd like.

Who's listening anyway?
We provide you web access to your listener statistics, so you can check up on how many people are listening, what time of day they're listening and even where they're listening from.

Looped programming and recording
Need to restrict some of your on-air programming due to syndication or other licensing agreements? We can easily loop pre-recorded programming on a scheduled basis so your web listeners will still hear relevant content on the Internet.

Take advantage of our resources
Would you like to expand your coverage? We can provide you with a SECONDARY web stream for off-air content that is delivered to us over any standard phone line. So, for example, you could stream two sporting events at once, one over the terrestial radio station and another directly over the Internet!

Oh, and we'll also provide the best customer service available! Please contact us if you'd like a customized proposal for your radio streaming needs or a list of referrals.


Give us a call today at (877) 778-7382, ext. 4 or contact us at



In addition to offering mobile streaming, we've also partnered with AudioNow to bring your station's programming to ANY phone. Listeners simply dial into a number (your choice of area codes) and hear your programming. Thanks to our partnership, stations pay just a $200 set-up fee and NO monthly fees for the service.