Podcasting allow users to listen to your pre-recorded content – game archives, coaches shows, etc. – right over the Internet or subscribe to your podcasts in iTunes or another media aggregator and download them to their iPod or other MP3 device for listening or viewing on the go! You can learn more about the technology by clicking here.

When you sign up for our podcasting package, we handle everything, from setting up the podcast to publishing and validating each feed and providing the links you need for your web page. The podcast package also gives you the freedom to upload your own MP3 audio or MPEG-4 video files – such as coaches shows or game highights!

We now offer a Podcast Package in two flavors: 1) as an optional add-on to our unlimited audio streaming plan, or 2) as a stand-alone solution for schools and other organizations looking for a simple, automated method to post on-demand audio and video content.

Upload your own podcasts!
Our podcast package allows you to upload your own podcasts. Say, for example, you want to post a pre-season interview with your basketball coach. All you need is a microphone and some type of digital recording device (a standard computer, handheld digital recorder, etc.). Once the interview has been recorded, you can convert it into MP3 format (there's plenty of free or cheap software to assist in the conversion process and we can point you in the right direction). Then it's as simple as uploading the file to our FTP server. Presto! Your content is now available as an on-demand podcast. We even have a simple web interface that allows you to modify the title and description of your podcast as soon as it's on our server.

And it's affordable!
For our streaming partners, our podcast package is just $199 per year. This includes podcast-formatted archives of every event you stream through Stretch Internet and an additional 2 GB (approximately 2,000 minutes of audio at near-CD quality) for storage of your own custom-produced podcasts.


For schools or organizations that don't utilize our streaming services, our podcast package is $299 per year and includes 3 GB of storage.


Subscribe to the podcast feed right in iTunes!
More than 30 million people worldwide use iTunes on their Windows or Mac computers and that number is growing at a faster rate than any media player on the market. Podcasting allows you to leverage that growth. We take care of creating and submitting your podcast for inclusion in iTunes and users can subscribe to your podcast feed right inside of iTunes. Better yet, they can have your podcasts automatically downloaded to their iPods for listening on the go! Click here to see an example (note: you'll need iTunes to view the sample).