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We've developed a giant footprint in academia, thanks to our relationship with more than 200 college and university athletic departments. So, we think we're uniquely qualified to provide customized streaming solutions for a variety of academic functions. From chapel services to convocations to commencements, we can handle everything and anything you'd like to stream.

Most importantly, we provide first-class support for EVERY event. Many providers sell bandwidth (or offer it for free in some cases), but let you fend for yourself when you run into problems or have questions. We figure it's more important to provide a high-quality, service-driven product than to save a few bucks. Call it a difference in philosophy. We work with our partners from day one – suggesting equipment and helping you acquire it at discounted rates, providing complete and thorough set-up support and testing, and conducting stream checks before EVERY event you broadcast to ensure that things are running smoothly. And, thanks to proprietary monitoring technologies, we get immediate notifications whenever a stream disconnects or is experiencing issues, so you'll hear from us almost immediately if your broadcast goes down.

We run an array of load-balanced servers on world-class networks and can support tens of thousands of simultaneous connections. Just as we don't skimp on support, we also don't looks to shave our costs when it comes to bandwidth. A stream is only as good as the network that supports it, which is why we only stream on networks that peer with PacketExchange or Limelight Networks.

As for the cost? Well, we can help there too. For most schools interested in providing video streaming, we can offer an "Unlimited Video" package, which allows you to broadcast video for any event at any time (with the exception of standard class lectures). And, we don't "tier" connections, so you'll never pay by the gigabyte or number of viewers. All of our packages offer streaming to an unlimited number of viewers. We can even offer events on a pay-per-view basis and split the revenue with you.


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Introducing CampusCentral – the first self-contained multimedia platform designed to showcase commencement ceremonies, convocations, chapel services, fine arts performances and just about anything else your institution offers. And, it doesn't stop there – our unique portal offers built-in chat and live blogging and even an integrated messaging service that allows you to easily communicate with (and market to) your constituents. We've got everything you need for today's multimedia generation. And, it's all in a beautiful Flash-based portal that's as pretty to look at as it is functional. Click here to read more.