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“Stretch Internet is fabulous to deal with. They are always making sure their customers are taken care of and understand what is going on. The customer service is second to none. They have helped Huskie Athletics elevate to a new status with our portal.”
–Nicole Betker, University of Saskatchewan
“Being in Alaska, working with a group like Stretch makes my life a little easier when we run into issues on game night. I’m amazed at not just the quality of the customer service but how late I can pick up the phone and know there will be somebody at the other end.”
—Chris Brooks, University of Alaska Fairbanks
“On top of providing a great product, the best part about Stretch is the customer service. They are on top of every game that is going on and alert you to any problems, on your end or theirs, before you can even realize something isn’t working.”
–Ryan Workman, Coe College
“Customer support says it all. When doing a live broadcast the last thing you need is problems. They will and have happened to us. The staff at Stretch is great at getting problems solved. We have done over 600 games the last 4 years and every game has been on the air. We like to have a couple of options and Stretch is great at helping set those up. Stretch is by far the best streaming company out there, especially in the unpredictable world of sports broadcasting.”
–Bob Rittierodt, Montana Sports Cast
“Stretch Internet has been a valued partner and a tremendous asset in our communication and branding efforts. Their portal is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate, and their client support is knowledgeable and responsive. Moreover, Stretch sincerely desires client satisfaction; from maximization of sponsorship inventory to play-by-play audio quality. Belmont is proud to partner with Stretch Internet.”
–Greg Sage, Belmont University
“When I told my IT folks that Stretch Internet called me to check on the status of a broadcast, because we had finished early, they were amazed! Customer Support that is proactive and committed to making sure their customers succeed? It DOES exist. Thanks.”
–Duane Mercier, American Legion
“We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Stretch as our internet streaming provider. Their customer service and tech support teams are second to none, and they provide the personal attention that other vendors do not. The best thing about Stretch is they are always searching for new ways to improve their product, and benefit your organization. We’ve been really pleased with their willingness to work with us to customize a streaming plan, as well as their cutting edge offerings like free mobile streaming.”
–Jason Rich, Siena College
“Stretch has been awesome to work with. Extremely easy process and our viewership has grown over the years. Tech support has also been a key for us remaining a client.”
–Dave Blanchard, Luther College
“On top of providing a great product, the best part about Stretch is the customer service. They are on top of every game that is going on and alert you to any problems, on your end or theirs, before you can even realize something isn't working.”
–Ryan Workman, Coe College
“North Carolina Central University has been a Stretch Internet client for many years and will continue to be one for many more. Stretch Internet’s customer service is prompt, professional and second-to-none. Stretch Internet provides a cost effective and easy-to-use service to broadcast from anywhere you can dial a phone, including a cell phone.”
–Kyle Serba, North Carolina Central University
“When you’re pretty much a one-man gang, handling all the logistics and working with a student production team that changes every year, you look for a company grounded in excellent customer service, ease of use and innovation. Stretch Internet delivers on all three fronts!”
—Joe Rinehart, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
“Stretch Internet offers the best combination of a professional product and presentation combined with excellent customer service for inevitable troubleshooting situations. Their service is user friendly and offers our fans an experience they don't expect at a smaller Division III school like Occidental.”
–Michael Wells, Occidental College
“With a time-sensitive medium such as video streaming, outstanding customer service is a MUST. Stretch has come through again and again on the spot in the few times we’ve had issues. And, if technology is involved, something will go wrong at some point. We make a phone call and their staff talks us through it immediately – no multiple phone calls have been necessary.”
—Mark Womack, Cedarville University
“I have been with Stretch Internet for several years now and they never cease to amaze me!! Their customer service is second-to-none and the determination to provide the highest-level product keep me coming back year after year. Stretch is never satisfied and is constantly striving to improve its product!”
–Donny Nadeau, St. Mary's University
“Stretch has the best customer service of any company I’ve ever worked with. When I realize right before a conference tournament game that I forgot to add it after we won the day before, they’re able to get our stream online within seconds. When there’s any kind of problem, they’re quick to let us know, usually before we even know about the problem.”
–Eric Opperman, Christian Brothers University
“Stretch is hands down the best streaming video provider we’ve worked with. Great portal and interface, easy to navigate admin section, and excellent support staff is always just a phone call or email away. They have always answered my calls and responded immediately.”
–Matt Packwood, Brandon University

Freakishly good support

What does customer support mean to us? Well, in a word… everything. We live, eat and breathe support. Heck, we even have a sign in our office that says, "Support Like a Champion Today" (apologies to Notre Dame). Put another way: your problems are our passion.

Meet Our Mascot

The Stretch Mascot

Meet the newest addition to the Stretch Internet crew.

His name is… umm... well we aren’t quite sure at this point but we affectionately refer to him as the shaggy monster around the office. We don’t exactly know where he came from, but when we found him out back behind the dumpster. He was lost, hungry and mumbling incoherently into his headset (we didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t connected to a phone).

We couldn’t leave him be, so we brought him inside, served him a warm meal - cupcakes drenched in honey at his request - got a cup of coffee in him and gave him a working headset. He’s been hanging out in our office ever since, helping us provide freakishly good support to our clients.

We’ve found him to be quite the addition... this dude eats technical problems for breakfast, lunch, second lunch, dinner and late night snack (guy can eat). During one particularly frantic trouble shooting marathon, he became disoriented and tried to eat a Sony Handycam... the chip in his lone tooth serves as a constant reminder never to eat your problems.

He’s become our official office mascot; a walking, talking rally cry of sorts among our support staff. We plan on keeping him around for a while... and we hope to talk him into taking a shower sometime real soon.


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